Curation & Art Direction

AFRO-ART is a proposed project that I curated and art directed in response to being constantly bombarded with the notion that every great artist is a white male, most of which are dead. I was frustrated because I knew this could not possibly be true, but also curious to know if there were any great artists that look like me and if so where are they, who are they and how can I view their work?


Young black children, mostly girls, are told subliminally that we do not belong in art and design, we are not artists, we are not art, not beautiful, not worthy to be displayed in a gallery or museum. I wanted to create a space that challenged this message and encouraged black girls to become artists, designers, photographers and other creatives and to show them that they are beautiful, they are worthy and they can be the subject of a masterpiece as well as the master. 

In the Spring of 2018 the National Portrait gallery unveiled the First Lady Michelle Obama painting, created by Amy Sherald. One of the viewers was 2-year-old, Parker Curry, who when asked by her mom who the painting was of she responded in kind "She's a queen!". This is what inspired me to curate the AFRO-ART exhibit. Moments like these may seems small to those that are privileged enough to always see themselves in art or as featured artists, but for young black girls this moment could be life changing. 

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