Celebrating Culture

Poster Design

During my time at Portland State University I worked as the Lead Graphic Designer for the Cultural Resource Centers. Some of the projects I got to work on were poster designs, most of which were for my favorite student center: the Pan-African Commons. The work I did for them aligned with my own interests in Afro-centricity, Black culture, social justice and community building. I created them for black students to feel represented and appreciated in a city where we often aren't.

Nappily Ever After - An event celebrating black hair and beauty that featured small business vendors from the black community, free hair cuts and games that centered around black culture.

Black Futures Month - An annual event series meant to educate students about black history, but mainly to encourage us to carry on the work started by our ancestors to seek justice and freedom for all black people. As an homage to past Civil Rights Leaders I incorporated artworks by Emory Douglas for this piece.

UMOJA: A Place For Unity - An event centered around creating a safe space for black members of the LGBTQ community and providing them with an opportunity to meet others in their community for community building and commiseration.  

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