YONI Feminine Care

Package Design & Branding

YONI is a feminine care brand that I designed for women that not only want products that are organic, cruelty free and non-toxic, but also represent them as grown women in a mature and beautiful way. Most Feminine hygiene brands treat women like children with bright colors, sparkles, scented things that are meant to go inside your body, and language that does not speak to them as adults. Until recently, most brands wouldn't even use the color red in their branding, mostly because it was visually displeasing to men and even though these products are not meant for them, they still chose to appease men over women. Kotex recently broke this anti-red barrier during their most recent rebrand that features pops of red on mostly white packaging. The branding for YONI is inspired by such risk takers as Kotex, SheThinx, and CORRA that have pushed the boundaries on what has been deemed "acceptable" branding and images that feminine care products can use. YONI is meant to uplift and honor the divine feminine body as it is necessary to honor ourselves and our bodies as women and those that identify as women.

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